Why Choose a Union Contractor?

1. Quality Work:

Education - Journeyman must go through a rigorous 4-year apprentiship which includes 720 hours of class work and 8,000 hours of field work alongside of an experienced journeyman. The Local Union Hall invests over 1 Million dollars annually on educating their apprentices to the highest standards.

Track Record - Union contractors have a proven track record of performing to the highest standards in the industry. Stromberg Metal Works finds it easy to reach the bar when you’re the contractor setting the standard. We have a proven reputation of excelling on fast track and demanding projects where other contractors would falter.

Reduced Energy Costs - The HVAC system is considered the lungs of the building and involves some of the most complex systems to pump clean, fresh air throughout its interior. By providing a quality installation, buildings have less waste due to leakage which in turn translates into reduced energy costs to the owner.

2. Fair Wages:

Everyone deserves to earn a fair living in this society. Unions in this country established the "middle class" and continue to work hard to maintain that milestone. Stromberg Metal Works provides their workers a decent wage in addition to contributing to their health benefits and their pension. The union makes sure that none of its workers are taken advantage of by the contractor, and also reinforces that its members give an 8 hour day for 8 hours pay.

3. Safe Work Conditions:

Union Contractors stress that Safety be one of the highest priority on the job site. All workers are provided safety classes by the Union hall during their apprenticeship to carry these teachings out to the job site. Stromberg Metal Works provides all safety materials such as gloves, glasses, ear protection, fall protection, etc. for their workers and expects them to comply with our strict standards. In addition, we also provide incentives to ensure that our employees follow our strict protocol and will help enforce it on the job site.

Drug Free Job Site - All potential apprentices must go through a mandatory drug screen before starting the education program. Stromberg Metal Works continues this standard by conducting spot tests on all our members to reduce accidents due to impairment.

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